We are an independent Biophilic Design Studio & Consultancy with a focus on bringing buildings to life.

The Brand

As a biophilic design studio Angela Cheung is passionate about the use of design to enable healthy living, mindfulness, and wellbeing.

Society’s approach to live, work and leisure influences every part of our creative brief. We never start with the budget, instead we show the possibilities and present the budget, as we would any business case made to its investors – adding value to every project!

There are strong synergies between providing interior design in a sustainable way and biophilic design principles and techniques that are applied to connect our homes, workplace and leisure environments with our inherent love of nature.

Biophilia – translates to; “Love of Life”

The Studio

We believe that meaningful change can happen when we stand united, align our values and work together.

Encouraging a spirit of collaboration with an interdisciplinary team of designers, psychologist’s and architects, we are dedicated to achieving the highest levels of detail and creative expression, which enables us to deliver engaging and memorable nature rich environments.

The Angela Cheung design studio is constantly evolving in the world of design. As biophilic design practitioners we use nature, as an architectural framework to weave the patterns and forms of nature into the built environment, enriching the human body, mind, and spirit by fostering positive experiences of nature.


Established in 2000

Since 2000, we have helped clients achieve their interior design goals and dreams, improved health, wellbeing, and productivity, collaborated with architects, other design professionals and shared our expertise with interior design students.

Fast forward to today, we have transformed over twenty-two luxury residences, many property developments  (including sixty-eight bedrooms, fifty-two bathrooms and thirty-two kitchens), six estate agent offices, three restaurants, one retail shop, two hairdressers, a beauty clinic, assisted living scheme, study rooms, home offices and a rugby club….and we are sure there’s more!

“Finding the right balance to grow stronger and happier.”

The Design Process

Problem solving is where we start, unpicking every complication to achieve the true potential of a project. The design studio pushes the boundaries of what can be achieved, always with impeccable detail and focused on the bigger picture waiting to be revealed.

Biophilic design processes, research and techniques happily marry our designer style with perfect function by ensuring all aspects of the design focuses on health and wellbeing, whilst  enhancing every aspect of available space. The result is innovative homes and better performing buildings in our residential and commercial projects alike.

Bringing together talent and resources in design, construction, and project management to provide a full service. Additionally, each phase of the project demonstrates attention to detail giving you a clear vision of the outcome. Initial sketches become 3D design illustrations, concept boards and colour palettes become furniture and fabric choices from the extensive range of exclusive and coveted brands available in our showroom.

Whether employed at a design, project management or consultancy level, we are proven in applying strategies which increase benefits to health, wellbeing, as well as profitability for it’s stakeholders.


“Humans have an innate connection and draw to the natural world.”

A connection to the outdoors can help us thrive with an enhanced sense of wellbeing.


LESSER FOXHOLES, BOUTIQUE DEVELOPMENT, SHOREHAM-BY-SEA MODERN MINDFUL LIVING BN43 5NT Our design approach focused on building the homeowner a modern, mindful living space. Creating calming spaces, that are essential for…

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What some of our clients say about our biophilic design agency…


“I have used Angela’s property design and marketing agency services for 20 years. We’ve worked on a huge range of commercial projects together and with each one I have been thoroughly impressed with her work. So much so, that I even hired Angela for the design of my own home! She keeps an eye on what’s important for the business side, with tactful strategies which instil me with confidence. Her approach is a clear business plan with an accurate end budget always made transparent. She is careful to work out what I want for a project. She can provide an emotional connection for the home owner or even succeed with the sales and marketing aspect of property development. Everything is geared towards maximising profit and increasing saleability. She can supply every element of the project that is required (kitchens, bathrooms, flooring, paint, styling and staging). Angela also has a unique buying power, with a long list of manufactures and partners. I believe Angela has a very competitive edge, especially as she has the additional benefit of influencing the social media, branding and marketing of the property development”.

SPV BUXTED – Developer


Angela has been my designer for 15 years, which I feel has allowed us to push through design boundaries. In this time I have learnt that she is a designer like no other, with an abundance of creative ideas topped with the knowledge to back it up with! She has taught me the importance of interior architecture and she has used it to dramatically transform my home. Throughout the process Angela continually listened to my wishes and tailored them to create a space I truly adore. Angela acted as both a designer and project manager for my residential interior project, making sure each little detail was executed with precision”.

Nicci F – Residential client