Vital for human Health and Wellbeing


We are an independent Biophilic Design Studio & Consultancy.
Our focus is to change the world of design for the good of our planet.

Based on collective work, shared knowledge and a global perspective, the biophilic design studio uses research-led Biophilic principles to create a built environment which is both pleasing to the eye and to the planet!

Angela Cheung has 20+ years of experience in the world of design and is proud to be a member of the Society of British Interior Design (SBID).


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We believe that meaningful change can happen when we stand united.

Angela encourages a spirit of collaboration with her interdisciplinary team. The team includes Designers, Psychologists, and Architects.

We are dedicated to delivering the epitome of detail and creative expression.


Connecting design to nature for improved health and wellbeing

  • Apply evidence-based Biophilic principles to create an environment suited to you. This
    includes improving productivity, health and well-being.
  • Unlock your project’s true potential.
  • Break the boundaries of what can be achieved, through our proven problem solving.
  • Provide the best talent in design, construction and project-management to offer the complete package.
  • Employ technical environmental resources to create innovative and high-performing buildings.
  • Use clever narratives in our marketing schemes to improve profit and saleability.
  • Provide initial sketches, concept boards, colour palettes and plans based on the client’s project
    requirements and transform these into 3D computer-aided (CAD) designs.
  • Unlike most designers, we can also include the outside landscaping of the project if required.
    We use the demographics and characteristics of your surroundings to show you how this can influence
    your space in different ways.
  • Keynote speaking and teaching about Biophilic Design.


Weaving the patterns and forms of nature into your projects,
enriching the human body, mind and spirit.

  • Private residential clients
  • Architects
  • Local Councils
  • Schools and Colleges
  • Offices
  • Commercial projects
  • Retail
  • Leisure and hospitality
  • Property developers
  • Healthcare and Assisted living/care home facilities.
  • Planners
  • Interior Designers

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“Angela keeps an eye on what’s important for the business side, with tactful strategies which fill me with confidence”. I have used Angela’s property design and marketing agency services for 20 years. We’ve worked on a huge range of commercial projects together and with each one I have been thoroughly impressed with her work. So much so, that I even hired Angela for the design of my own home!


Angela is a designer like no other.” Angela has been my designer for 15 years, which I feel has allowed us to push through design boundaries. In this time I have learnt that she is a designer like no other, with an abundance of creative ideas topped with the knowledge to back it up with! She has taught me the importance of interior architecture and she has used it to dramatically transform my home. Throughout the process Angela continually listened to my wishes and tailored them to create a space I truly adore. Angela acted as both a designer and project manager for my residential interior project, making sure each little detail was executed with precision.

Nicci F Residential Client

“Angela’s approach is a clear business plan with an accurate end budget always made transparent”. She is careful to work out what I want for a project. She has looked at the way we work and applied qualitive and quantitative design strategies for both my commercial premises and more recently my home office. I love the Biophilic concept and the productivity makes for a great business case.


“Wow – what this lady can’t do!”. Angela created a whole story for our Lesser Foxholes Boutique Property Development. She provided us with research-led strategies. Angela looked at gaining buyer confidence and created a campaign called; ‘Meet the Makers’. She can supply every element of the project that is required (kitchens, bathrooms, flooring, paint, styling and staging). Angela also has a unique buying power, with a long list of manufacturers and partners. I believe Angela has a very competitive edge, especially as she has the additional benefit of influencing the social media, branding and marketing of the property development”. I was pleasantly surprised that the first property marketed went under offer straight away for more than the expected GPV as estimated from local estate agents.