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Angela Cheung

Our Founder, Angela Cheung. The Sussex designer launched the brand in 2000. Her 20th year of business is now upcoming, Angela has steadily grown the business in this time into the successful design agency it is today, with a solid reputation in the industry. Angela’s work displays timeless simplicity with a multi-layered style, and an architectural use of space, all embellished with meticulous detailing.

No matter what project we are delving into, at Angela Cheung UK our mission is always the same. We strive to impact lives by creating uplifting, inspiring spaces and places.


Angela Cheung UK believes in changing lifestyle environments, to promote healthy living and mindfulness. Our society’s approach to live, work and leisure influence every part of our creative brief. The concept of ‘community hub’ is embraced, to create new communities with the building of mixed-use developments. Our purpose is to shape a balanced, elated, calm atmosphere to conceive a truly captivating space. 


Since 2000, we have been constantly evolving in the world of design. During this time, we have helped clients achieve their interior goals and dreams, and even shared our expertise with interior design students. Fast forward to today, we have transformed over twenty-two properties (including sixty-eight bedrooms, fifty-two bathrooms and thirty-two kitchens), six estate agent offices, three restaurants, one shop, two hairdressers, a beauty clinic and a rugby club….and we are sure there’s more!


We are hugely passionate about our responsibility in society and adding value to every project. We never start with the budget, instead we show the possibilities and present the budget, as we would any business case made to its investors.


Problem solving is where we commence, unpicking every complication to achieve the true potential of a property. The design agency pushes the boundaries of what can be achieved. Always with impeccable detail and focused on the bigger picture waiting to be revealed.