“No matter what project we are delving into, our MISSION is always the same.
We strive to IMPACT LIVES by CREATING UPLIFTING, INSPIRING spaces and places for improved HEALTH and WELLBEING.”
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Angela Cheung founder of Angela Cheung is leading the way for the UK’s biophilic design movement.

With the demonstration of nature-based concepts, clear research-led strategies and seamless narratives, Angela’s signature look creates multi-faceted, nature rich, organic residential and commercial environments that she curates with her wealth of experience into each space.

Angela is recognised for her extensive body of work and often collaborates with architects, planners, landscape architects, property developers and other designers, as well as teaching and speaking about biophilic design.

Leading the UK’s Biophilic Design Movement

Leading biophilic designer Angela Cheung combines interior design aesthetic with biophilic design to focus on improved health and wellbeing for the built environment.

Client’s receive a stimulating, sensory experience, with interior design that displays a timeless simplicity, nature rich, multi-layered style, and an architectural use of space, all embellished with meticulous detailing. Our inter-disciplinary approach builds a clear understanding of project objectives and deliverables.



Angela received her academic training in interior, architectural and graphic design, however becoming a Biophilic Designer happened organically.

“I didn’t actively choose to become a biophilic designer, but rather my spiritual beliefs naturally led me down this path. I felt inspired by a transcendent experience that was born from a trip to Malaysia in 2017, it continually fascinates me how life can take you through such unconventional routes!”

The enlightening experience with the jungle left Angela with an innate need to connect to nature, positively impacting her mental health, alongside increased life satisfaction and feelings of autonomy, even improving her physical health. With her new, heightened appreciation for nature, a hunger to evolve and a solid reputation in the design industry since 2000, Angela set about researching and learning how to bring her two passions together.