Angela’s mission is the same for every project: Have a positive impact on lives by creating beautiful designs, enhanced by the beneficial aspects of Biophilic Design.

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Angela Cheung is leading the way for the UK’s Biophilic Design movement.

Angela’s signature look transforms both residential and commercial environments. The success of each look is due to her wealth of experience and unique creativity.

Angela is recognised for her extensive body of work and regular collaboration with other professionals in the building industry. This includes architects, planners, and a range of designers. Angela is also actively involved in teaching and speaking about Biophilic Design.

Leading the UK’s Biophilic Design Movement

Angela Cheung is a leading Biophilic Designer.

Angela combines stunning design with Biophilic Principles to achieve optimum satisfaction for her clients.

Each client will receive an incomparable aesthetic matched to their brief. Angela’s interior design displays a timeless simplicity, which transcends the norm via the inclusion of the beautiful and restorative elements of nature.


“a solid reputation in the design industry since 2000″

Angela followed traditional routes for her training in interior, architectural and graphic design. Then built a solid reputation in the design industry since 2000. Yet her approach into the world of Biophilic Design was an entirely unique journey. Angela has now developed an evidence-based approach to make her built environments not only pleasing to the eye, but also to her clients’ health and well-being.

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