Biophilic design in the workplace

Making live, work, leisure, education and healthcare environments uplifting spaces to be. A quantitative and qualitative research led approach to commercial biophilic design promotes positive physical, psychological and cognitive wellbeing in community spaces.

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A research based approach

Following thorough research, a biophilic design prescription sees a unique combination of designs put in place.

The space is tailored specifically for its intended user group and programs.

Many forward-thinking businesses, for example, Google, already use biophilic design principles for the benefit of employee health and wellbeing.

They recognise how prioritising aspects of and access to nature alongside biophilic principles creates inspiring spaces to do business in. The benefits of biophilic design in these spaces are well documented and include quantifiable improvements in:

  • Productivity and creativity in workplaces
  • Less absenteeism
  • Workforce retention
  • Learning and higher achievement in educational establishments
  • Quicker patient recovery times
  • Increased property value
  • Higher sales in retail environments
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Better performing buildings

As well as Biophilic design in the workplace ,projects also improve the functionality of buildings for healthcare and assisted living. This enhances well-being and delivers quicker recovery times through restorative environments. In educational environments concentration and creativity improves.

With a measurable return on investment as well as increased well-being for occupants biophilia is a key driver for long-term success both environmentally and financially.

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Experts in commercial biophilic design at every level

Implement biophilic design principles in your project with an interdisciplinary approach based on the advice of accomplished professionals. With a trusted team of knowledgeable experts on hand to analyse your project from the ground up design through the build and interior design.

Alternatively, consider engaging our specialist consultancy service to work with your team on improving specific aspects of existing environments.

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Community Spaces

Residential developments and community spaces benefit by increasing the sense of occupant autonomy, security, and community. In retail and hospitality stress levels reduce to make for a more enjoyable leisure experience and ultimately higher spending.

All of these aspects together positively impact property values, increasing profitability for developers and investors.

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