Angela Cheung creates inspiring places to live and uplifting places to be.


Delivering contemporary, innovative and engaging design, from concept through to finished projects with a focus on the proven benefits of biophilic design. Working from a framework of research led biophilic design strategies with over 20 years’ experience in luxury interior design and construction. Angela changes lifestyle environments to put health, wellbeing and our connection to the natural environment at the heart of the design concept.



Biophic Design at home by Angela CheungInterior spaces which incorporate elements of the natural environment are known to calm our nervous system. In turn increasing focus, creativity, health and well-being.


Bedroom with en-suite in a family home renovation project. Designed and project managed by Angela Cheung >>


Similarly in interior architecture the use of organic shapes, colour, flora, fauna and natural materials nurtures deep rooted connections beyond the four walls to energise from within.


Exterior spaces connect seamlessly with the landscape. Biophilic design focuses on the importance of place – a location and an axis in time.


Building on the natural environment with considerations of demographics such as history and culture. As well as ecology to include vegetation, animal inhabitants and micro-climate into the planning process.




Biophilic Design at home

A personalised interior design service for private residential clients. Good design looks simple. As well as creating a pleasing environment to live with, biophilic design also has a far-reaching positive impact on how you enjoy life at home, your health and wellbeing.


Interior Design by Angela CheungEvery detail is perfectly thought out. With thorough research and application of biophilic principles to deliver luxury and timeless style to each home interior design project. Clients rest assured that the delivery is smooth and the finish is flawless. Along the way 3D designs enable realistic visualisations of your new interior. Thanks to long standing relationships with architects, landscapers, trusted suppliers and master craftsmen your renovation is expertly managed in safe hands.


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We are all spending more time in our homes. If you’re self-building, considering a renovation or refurbishment now is the time to put well-being into the heart of your home through sustainable design.