Biophilic Design Consultant

Angela Cheung works as a biophilic design consultant with private developers and public associations, architects, planners and HR directors across the UK.  The consultancy covers a wide range of projects where the implementation of biophilic design improves building performance for the occupants, the environment and the investor.


As a biophilic design consultant Angela applies quantitative and qualitative research process biophilic principles are applied to spatial planning and interior design.

Working together with your team to implement the principles of biophilic design and create better performing buildings for all stakeholders. The benefits of biophilic principles are proven across a range of different applications. These include:


Residential Developments

  • Improving feelings of autonomy and security
  • Creating restorative spaces
  • Building a better sense of community
  • Improving health to lower blood pressure and improve circadian rhythms
  • Achieving higher property values


Workspace and Educational Environments

  • Higher productivity
  • Less absenteeism
  • Increased staff retention
  • Lower stress
  • Higher creativity
  • Positive satisfaction
  • A better sense of community and social wellbeing



Assisted living and Healthcare developments

  • Living better with Dementia
  • Managing selective attention
  • Improving autonomous living
  • Increased health cognition
  • Improved wellbeing through restorative environments
  • Quicker recovery times
  • A better sense of community and social wellbeing



  • Cognitively rich environments which create a better customer experience
  • Lowering stress levels
  • Increasing perceptions of quality
  • Increasing footfall and sales


Biophilic design consultant services range from full project management to more specific aspects of recommendations and strategies. These might include for example individual services for architecture and interior design. In addition, we can provide full service campaigns for branding, styling and marketing properties to maximise their biophilic credentials. Creating the same narrative from start to finish.


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