The design may be complex, but the journey is simple:

  1. Get in touch via telephone, email or fill out our form, upload pictures, budget etc. (contact Angela for details).
  2. Angela or her team will reach out to you to get a better understanding of the scope of your project and our availability.
  3. Following this and if the project is a potential fit, an estimate of the fees will be determined, along with factors such as time scale and any structural or administrative requirements.
  4. Angela will then interpret the brief and present floorplans, mood board presentations, samples, imagery of suggested furniture and a computer aided design scheme to ensure the correct vision is achieved. A document featuring the fully itemised breakdown of costs will also be included.

To achieve the most effective design for your space, it is recommended that Angela Cheung Designs is included from the earliest stage of the project to fully benefit from the wide range of services offered.

Angela's Approach
My Approach


Here at Angela Cheung Designs, we embrace the movement towards environmental awareness. So, with this design scheme, clients receive autonomy, alongside guidance from Angela in the design process, without the wastage of paper and travel burdens on the environment.

This affordable design package will allow clients to order and manage their own interior design installation.

There are hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of items that need to be chosen and ordered throughout the home-building and furnishing process.
Through this scheme, Angela can design a bespoke shopping list for clients at home and outside the UK, as the creative vision will be delivered through a downloadable PDF package.

Think you have a good project that you would like to discuss further?